Jake Flynn
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std::cout << Hello World;

Hello! I am Jake, a C++ programmer with a specialization in tools programming and systems design for game development. For the past 8 years or so, I have been working for a military contractor developing training simulations using Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5. I lead a small team of engineers and develop tools and reusable code libraries to assist my team in delivering large feature sets in rapid development cycles.

I have a strong interest in systems design and game engine architechture. In my free time, I work on a small 2D game engine called ScavEng, which I use primarily to learn more about the low-level systems that exist in most commercial engines. When time allows, I also enjoy participating in game jams.

You can find me on:


  • Unreal Engine 4/5:

    8 years experience developing tools and systems for Unreal development. Focused on creating reusable code libraries to assist a small team in VR training development for military clients. Developed automated build system with Unreal Build Tool and Jenkins.

  • C++:

    10+ years experience developing applications in C++. Proficient with Visual Studio and CMake build systems. Deep knowledge of the C++ standard library and some experience with OpenGL and DirectX graphics libraries.

  • Source Control Systems:

    10+ years experience using and administering a litany of source control systems such as git, Perforce and Plastic SCM (Unity Version control).Set up integrations with project management suites like JIRA and code review platforms such Helix Swarm.


North Carolina State University
BS, Computer Science

Wake Technical Community college
AS, Software and Web Development
AS, Engineering